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Make the most of your current people, tech, and processes with AI

We are a consulting boutique helping B2B SaaS, technology, and professional services businesses with the latest —but testedArtificial Intelligence tools and automations to:

  • Augment your team.
  • Save time and headaches for your team.
  • Save money.
  • Overpace your competitors
  • Drive more revenue.
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Is this on your mind?

If so, we think the same way...

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There's so much noise and hype!

2,500+ AI tools have been released...just in May 2023!

We explore and test 20+ tools/week so you don't have to. We'll help you understand where AI makes a change in your businesses and fit use cases with tools.

It's not about tech, but people!

Businesses struggle to develop an AI adoption strategy. This leads to disjointed initiatives and failure to achieve strategic objectives.

We'll create + support your AI deployment + adoption strategy to ensure you get the ROI expected.

Services to help you take advantage of AI

We won't drag you into a long project — unless you ask. In 2 to 4 weeks, we'll help you realize the gains you can experience with no-code AI.


Identify spots where no-code AI can impact your product innovation and marketing strategy the most.

We'll work with you to discover your business areas that can be most benefited from AI. Also delivering ethical and privacy considerations.


Make existing AI models like ChatGPT, Bardeen, Notion AI, Perplexity, Claude, and tens more work for you.

Before hiring us, you'll get a business case to ensure at least x4 ROI in your workflow optimization.


We'll be hands-on with your team through workshops and change management assistance.

We'll help your team embrace and realize the value of the AI that best suit your existing tech, processes, and people.

Get a tailored AI strategy assessment

Cut through the AI noise with a plan tailored to your business.

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Strategy + Operations





Technology Adoption


A method based on the 3 pillars to

drive true business impact


These could be your gains

By implementing AI at Predictable Innovation Strategy, they're experiencing positive people, operations, and strategic impact. We'll work to do something similar for you.

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25-40% margins increase

We've measured 25-40% working time savings in market/customer research, innovation, positioning strategy, messaging, and sales tasks, depending on the complexity of the project.

P&L IMPACT: All that goes now directly into Predictable Innovation's P&L bottom line.

x2 productivity

In strategy projects for clients from the kick-off to deliverables. An average project was 3 months; with AI, it takes 6 to 8 weeks.

STRATEGIC DIFFERENTIATION IMPACT: Speed-to-delivery is now a new key differentiator for Predictable Innovation.

New research eyes and strategic angles

Predictable Innovation's team was spending tens of hours analyzing Reddit posts, interview transcripts, analysts' PDFs, google results, or G2 user interviews.

That's now gone with AI.

TEAM IMPACT: The AI is working as their team assistant to provide angles for their strategy team. New angles that are not biased by preconceived human beliefs.

Book a call with the founder

"Unlike other AI firms, we start by understanding your people + business. Then we see what and how AI can do for you."

Jose Bermejo, Founder @ThinkAI, MsC CS, MBA

ThinkAI is the combination of my experience + executive training:

x2 revenue of his family Real Estate business

Managed +120 software projects and its adoption by the end-users

CRO + Performance VP in software services. Achieved x3 EBITDA and x2 revenue

Led US sales in AI software

services company

Launched Predictable

Innovation Consulting

Launch AI course and AI digital products


Created technology

adoption method based on change management psychology

Pioneered a digital real estate model, creating a new market category.

Startup Mentor at Founder's Institute and others

Updated The Technology Adoption Lifecycle [Crossing The Chasm] model with the original author



Executive MBA

Cohort 2017

Disruptive Strategy

2019 Certified

Implications of

AI in Business Strategy

2023 Certified

AI doesn't have to feel like a threat for your business

Business, like life, is about people. AI should also be.

We've built ThinkAI to ensure AI works for you, your business, and your people.

Let's transform AI into an opportunity for you!

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